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Magic Show


Magician and Mystery Performer

Looking for unique and memorable entertainment for your next event?  Would you like your guests to be talking about your party for years to come?  It's time to prepare for something you've never experienced.  I've been performing the art of magic for as long as I can remember.  Get in touch with me today to experience a one-of-a-kind performance.

Magic Show


I've been performing the art of magic for over 20 years. Though I perform many genres of the mystery arts, my favorite areas involve mind-reading and psychological illusions.  My performances are unique, engaging, and astonishing.  I combine sleight-of-hand techniques with psychological subtleties to create breathtaking magic in the minds of my audience.

Have a look at some of my specialties below.

Magic Show


Need a little something to loosen up the guests?  Look no further than my close-up magic show.  Perfect for a mix-and-mingle atmosphere, allow me to give your guests an unforgettable experience!

Magic Show


Are you planning an event where your guests will be gathered in a central location, such as dining at a table, or seated around your living room?  I've got you covered!  I'll perform a full show your party will love!

Magic Show


Do you like ghostly phenomena coupled with creepy storytelling that'll leave your guests with chills running down their spines?  This show is sure to leave your guests delighted with fright!

Mentalist Magic Show


Are you into the paranormal, psychic phenomena, and generally weird stuff?  My mentalist act is the perfect show for you!  This is my favorite style of the mystery arts, and after seeing my show, your guests will be questioning, "Is it real?"

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"How on Earth, or any other planet, did he do that?!"  -Mike T.

"My children now believe magic is real, and I'm not sure they are wrong."  -Helen D.

"Chris is the best Magician EVER!  His shows keep you on your feet!"  -Catie J.

"Meeting Chris was an unexpected surprise, a really good one!"  -Rich and Lisa S.

"I watch a lot of magicians, but Chris is the most talented I've ever seen.   -Dan M.


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Located in the Media, PA area!

*Service area includes but is not limited to Delaware County, PA, Chester County, PA, Lancaster County, PA, Montgomery County, PA, New Castle County, DE.


Sincere Thanks to Our Clients!

TGI Fridays
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Outback Steakhouse
Extensive Enterprises
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Lions Club
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Dave & Buster's
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Knights of Columbus
Philly Balloon & Music Fest
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